Due to recent changes in CDC guidelines as well as the expiration of the statewide mask mandate, we have updated our salon policies. Our concern will continue to be for the comfort and safety of our clients as well as our staff. Because everyone has different circumstances, it is our goal to do our best to accommodate those as broadly as possible. We would like to give clients the ability to make their own choices as well as evolve with current guideline changes. With those goals in mind, we have decided to create a mask-only space for clients who are high risk, or concerned about receiving services without mask. We are asking all of our guests who would like to receive services in our mask-only space, to please notify the front desk of your preferences when booking. We will continue social distancing as well as extra cleaning/ disinfecting throughout the salon. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and will continue to closely follow guidelines as they evolve with current circumstances. Should any guests have further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. #WeAreAllInThisTogether