Kayla Davis

Kayla Davis


Kayla grew up in Citronelle and graduated from Citronelle High School in 2014. She started at Cara and Company as our receptionist in 2016. “I feel that if you have a passion or drive for something you will always be good at it, because it’s simply what you enjoy doing. No matter if it’s painting a picture, taking a photo, or decorating a home.”

Kayla is currently working on bettering her future. She hopes to travel and sight see exotic places. “I want to visit Paris, Italy, and the Dominican Republic.” Things that make her laugh are funny movies and her family. She is currently loving Gossip Girl on Netflix.

“Don’t be afraid of change. Sometimes that is what we need to leave us feeling refreshed and better about ourselves.”

“Never give up or lose hope.”

Continuing Education

April 2018 – First Impressions class by Lashawnda Hall
April 2018 – Daniel Mason Jones-Social Media & “Treat it like a hobby and it will pay like a hobby. Treat it like a career and it will pay like a Career”
March 2019 – Salon Emotion by Erica Moomey
May 2018 – Front Desk Power
September 2019- Color Creatively with Ashley Zajac
January 2020- Dress It Up by Sandy Joseph
February 2020 – Trending Now Haircuts by Courtney Ramono
March 2020- GET SMART by Perter Mahoney
March 2020- Fundamentals of BlondStudio 9 by Cody Evans